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Saturday, February 3, 2018


Like a conductor of a symphonic work, in order to style like one, you will need to master the art of what you see to the sensation of explosive sound..

Sforzando, (fffz)  in music is often written to direct musicians to play with a sudden intensity of sound. When such a marking is written,  like a, "BaNG!", it causes a disturbing, questionable feeling in the listener. Most would describe this sensation as loud, unexpected, terrifying and powerful. 

How would you style yourself to get the same effect?  Achieving this impactful style would need the element of surprise.  You can achieve this by adding an unexpected pop of color, textures, or ideas. 

In colors think opposites. Colors found near eachother on the color wheel work in harmony with eachother like friends. Where as colors found on the opposites such as red and blue work as unpredictably volatile lovers. To balance the proportion of color to create the  element of surprise use a rather small percentage of the controversial color.  A pop in the collar, sleeves, accessories, or a playful peek at the hem of your skirt. (If you wear black almost all bright colors will  work but it is quite overly done and lack in its element of surprise.)
In textures, think outside of the box. Mix unconventional fabrics such as silk and cashmere, or denim and velvet. The different textures will reflect light in different ways adding unexpected interest to the eye. Added embellishments of lace, beadwork, or reflective elements are also creative ways to add elements of the unexpected.
In ideas, learn to find beauty in the unexpected. We often live our days on auto pilot and unknowingly think, say and do the very same things as the day before. It is only in the bursts of unexpected change do we find ourselves desiring challenge  and birthing new ideas. Something as simple as wearing your sweater upside down can have you questioning what you are doing and what is fashion.

 Like an exclamation of the senses, you cast a momentary impact of the unknown. 
 There is edginess, and controversy in this type of style as it goes against logic. As much as we fear the unexpected we also can thrive on it. Like a lighting bolt to our senses, the element of surprise adds life.

Best wishes and writing to you from my phone. .


Saturday, January 27, 2018



Dear Diary,

With the the glitz of Christmas and New Years having past, January has quietly snuck up on me. With its watchful eyes, and silent judgement, I find myself in resolution for massive changes. This is the year to change.
Believing in the watchful eyes of 2019, procrastination finds me agitated...

 Today I find myself enveloped in darkness. Black. Such an attraction. I find it rather amusing how the color black flirts with the absorption of light.
 Playfully encouraged, I find myself uplifted by its opposite. Ironic. love it...

Can I live in a  Chagall Painting? No feet. No boundaries. Limitless love.
Light as a feather, slightly delusional, but euphorically happy. Colors bursting with new ideas and dreaming of the impossible.
Don't control me, I am going to fly...

Frozen in the midst of winter, my heart is blossoming.
Could it be Spring so early? Still winter, and yet, I hear gentle melodies by chirping birds....

Feeling tropical today. Wearing cobalt blue and imagining the sea. chose a crop top and feeling chilly. Note to self, it's still winter... 

Life is good.. for now.
Learning to grab the moments as they come.
 Like bursting bubbles, watch out, they are fragile.  

White Tiger.
There is so much strength and beauty found in the electric combination of black and white. 
Forcing myself today to not depend on color, but to work with textures, and shapes...

Mopsy Maya.
Wearing my favorite cardigan, with enough absorption to mop the floor. I feel enchanted and unable to concentrate. 
Do I have super powers or am I dreaming?

Officially Spring in/on my head. 
Took a walk in my day dreams, and rather enjoyed it. 

How was your January, friend?


Friday, January 26, 2018


Caking on makeup verses no makeup at all. Which one is the "real girl"?

Bare faced. Blemishes, discoloration, a bit of shine, we all have them, but like dirty secrets, no one would ever know.

A no makeup face in a cosmopolitan society, is translated as lazy, unhealthy, or unprofessional. While those who believe in the authentic life of a bare face, may deem a full face of makeup as fake, superficial, and manipulative. So, which one is it? Can these two worlds ever collide in a balanced harmony?

Yes. The truest form of balance is to learn the benefits of both worlds. 
Finding comfort in your own skin with no makeup is a valuable lesson of self acceptance, and confidence.  One should be comfortable to show their bare face in front of anyone, and understand the unique beauty of being completely natural. 

However, there is also value in understanding the benefits of wearing makeup and appreciating a different form of beauty. It is a valid tool of professionalism, attraction, expressionism, and artistry.
 Just as one decorates a table for a dinner party, makeup is an artistic exploration of colors, angles, textures, and the effects of aesthetics on human interaction. 

Practice the healthy balance of letting your skin breathe on a daily basis, while challenging yourself to explore the various variables of faces found in the unexpected playground of makeup.

Have fun!


Tuesday, January 23, 2018


Fashion Empowerment.
We are born into this world with an identity. A name given to us by our parents, and a life predestined by the hopes and circumstances placed by everyone around us. How do you define yourself? A race, a gender, a career, social status, fame or money?

Perhaps, the problem begins by the very fact we spend far too much time defining ourselves rather than creating our own identity. We have the power to mold our lives and ourselves into the shapes and colors we desire, but we lock ourselves into preconceived ideas that have been placed around us. Why?

Fashion. As superficial, meaningless, and vain as many people believe it to be, it is actually one of the most practical ways of discovering your identity on a daily basis. What you wear is a reflection of how you think and feel. This is why your style evolves alongside your experiences, confidence maturity and surroundings. 
Creating yourself neither begins nor ends with what you wear, but it is a progression of limitless ideas   and questions regarding yourself as a work of art. 
Who are you today and how would you express it? What are your limits, fears, and dreams? Break free from the mold of following everyone else around you, and start questioning and creating your own path. 
Mix and match things you like, and break free from the idea you must "fit" into a square that society has placed upon you. 
To be creative, means you no longer see yourself as a creature of attraction, but an ever-changing creation of ideas. Your primary goal is not to be beautiful, but to say something. Strengthen the ability to express ideas, and eliminate the need to conform. 
If you want to wear your skirt as a shirt, and your pants as a scarf, then do it. Challenge yourself by feeling uncomfortable, and push the boundaries to make people THINK.

Stay Tuned !
 In 2018, Talk Fashion Blog, will be exploring new and unique ways to explore the art of fashion expression. Fusing the fashion world with philosophy, psychology  literature, mathematics, music, and art, we will be exploring the limits of personal style. Join us!


Tuesday, January 16, 2018


"Do not go to bed until you have gone over the day three times in your mind. 
What wrong did I do? What good did I accomplish? What did I forget to do? "


A new year, a new you, but how?
New Year's Resolutions are often created with a mindful goal to attack specific things you would like to change about yourself. Whether it be your weight, your lifestyle, or unrequited passions, a better you is waiting to be born. Unfortunately, every year we spend 10 minutes creating a list that is probably more productively used as a piece of scratch paper.

Why do our resolutions fail and how can fashion help?
New Year's resolutions usually fail, because they are concentrated lists of problems, without any regard to the formula behind these bad habits. Here are 3 examples of how fashion can help your resolutions:

You want to lose 10 pounds. 
You make a list of how you will exercise more, eat less, and stay away from processed foods. Sounds like a good plan, right? Wrong. This plan is too centralized on the specific problem and lacking in inspiration, and motivation.  If you want to lose 10 pounds, try adding the element of fashion and stay motivated. Invest in an attractive, but comfortable work out gear and enjoy getting ready for your exercise sessions. Buy a fun dress that is 1-2 sizes smaller, and hang it in a place you can see it every morning. Use it to motivate you, and provide you with visual imagery that is a tangible version of the future you are creating. 

 You want to be more outgoing and meet someone new. 
Your plan includes, going out more, downloading a dating app, and being more "social", but most likely you will do none of them. The problem is, improving your personal life, can only happen, if you change on a "personal" level. Often times, this includes what we choose to wear. We fail to realize the impact of how we dress, and its relationship to how it attracts or rejects human interaction.
 The style of clothing, color, and cleanliness, are all factors observed before a smile is exchanged, or a word is spoken. If you want to improve your social life, start by evaluating your current fashion choices. Simple changes such as wearing a softer or brighter color, will immediately make you appear more cheerful and approachable. 

You want to quit your stable job and chase your dream job.
Your plan includes calculating your finances, and mustering up enough courage to quit your stable job. However, most people, never find the courage and live a life of paying bills, and unrequited dreams. 
To "imagine" the reality of a dream, you must realize the discomfort of the unknown. Fear is one of the main reasons we stop ourselves from pursuing our passions, but the lack of positive visual imagery also exacerbate our fears.
One of the most simple ways to boosting positive visual imagery of your dream job, is dressing the part. Adopting the style of the person who has such a job, is a strong foot in the door of imagining yourself as that person.  

Best wishes and may you have a phenomenal 2018! 


Thursday, August 24, 2017



Take a look at your closet. What is it like? Is it a chaotic mess filled with multiple personalities? Or is it a small organized capsule collection featuring only the basics? 

According to Sigmund Freud's psychoanalytic theory of personality, balance is key in all genres of personal taste. Surprisingly, being too chaotic and instinctual with your choices is just as bad as being too organized and predictable.  
Freud theorized that personality contains 3 main elements: id, ego, and super ego.

1.) ID: impulsive, uncontrollable, and primitive. 
Like a baby, it is the unconscious element we are born with that is extremely impulsive. It has a simplistic desire to satisfy our primal instincts, without any regard to its effects on others. This is the part of you that picks clothes based on primitive needs, such as warmth, desire, pleasure, etc. 
An overly dominant id, can lead to impulsive fashion choices, uncontrollable shopping habits, and disorganized sensibility of any type of order, or logic.

2.) Ego: calculated, conservative, narrow-minded.
 Very much like a control center, the ego is the element of rationality. It is able to control one's impulses and manage it's choices with calculations and directions. 
An overly dominant ego, can cause you to be conservative, narrow-minded and predictable. Your choices follow the fashion book and your style can lack spontaneity and understanding.

3.) Super Ego: moralistic, and judgmental
The Super ego behaves as the moral compass, and suppresses all unacceptable behaviors and pushes idealistic standards. It acts to civilize our behaviors and distinguish right from wrong.
An overly dominant Super ego looks to perfect and abolish all unacceptable choices.

Each element of personality is negative, without its equal counterpart to balance them out. Be aware of our natural impulses to forget to be diverse, and embrace contrast. 
 It is easy to fall into one category of mind set, but fashion excellence is achieved though embracing all aspects of our personality.

Always remember to style with a healthy dash of spontaneity, a structure of calculation, and a sprinkle of morality. 


Wednesday, August 23, 2017

A Letter From Maya...

Inspired by nature, art, music, and culture, TALKFASHION, covers the evolving force of self discovery. 

The  inner dialogue between you and your heart is the key essence of finding yourself and your style. 
Forever looking to what inspires you, fight the gravity of normality.
Be brave enough to make  mistakes, and have courage to walk the path alone.
What you wear is equally simplistic and complex. They say, " Never judge a book by its' cover, but how introspective to create the perfect cover for a specified book!

You are a what you wear and within that equation is art.  
The greater the art the greater the message.

What do you feel, and how will you arrange your image today?


Maya Horikawa

(Creator of TALKFASHION)