Friday, July 14, 2017


Did you ever think about your clothes as mood boosters? 
Each piece of clothing in your closet, is attached to a specific mood, memory or feeling.

Happy clothes can be found containing these 5 common factors:

1. Positive memories: Clothing that sparks a particular memory that makes you smile or uplifts you.

2. Comfort: Happy clothes are always comfortable and non-restricting. No harsh, itchy, heavy fabrics. Good moods thrive on feeling comfortable and free, at all times.

3. Yellow: It is often said that the color yellow is a mood booster resembling the sun.  (I also  believe wearing favorite colors can spark happiness just as effectively. )

4. FUN AND QUIRKY: Style with a little bit of humor. It  is always nice to not take yourself too seriously, unwind, relax and enjoy life. 

5. Feeling Pretty: Whether it be a particular cute top, pants or a dress, happy clothes are flattering and make you feel confident and radiant. 

Enjoy and Happy Day!


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